Written by Grays Harbor Community Foundation

Serving Grays Harbor kids since 1992, 7th Street Kids has given our local youth an opportunity to engage in musical theatre and have fun while doing it. This summer, several local youth entertained our community with live performances of Winnie the Pooh and Frozen. For many of those kids, a lifelong passion for performing and the arts was instilled under the painted sky ceiling and twinkling stars of the historic 7th Street Theatre.

This summer the Foundation was happy to partner with 7th Street Kids to create an agency endowment scholarship fund that will ensure that future children will be able to participate in the productions, regardless of their ability to pay.

7th Street Kids Treasurer, Mary Nelson commented: “Scholarships have long been a priority for our organization, so the ability to pay is not a barrier for our community‚Äôs children and youth to participate in 7th Street Kids musical theater programs. The Bishop Foundation helped us to establish this fund originally, and we are so pleased to place the fund under the care, custody and management of GHCF for the benefit of generations of 7th Street Kids well into the future.”

Agency Endowment funds are eligible to receive matching funds up to $10,000 per year from the Foundation and are pooled with our current assets of $92M to enable them to grow.

Thank you, 7th Street Kids for all you do for our community and youth! It is our great pleasure to partner with you to ensure children are able to access local, quality performing arts opportunities for generations to come.